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Adult Programming

Adult EFNEP programming is administered by the University of Florida IFAS Extension using Eating Smart • Being Active, a curriculum for adults. It is a research-based curriculum based on the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, designed for Extension Program Assistants to assist limited-resource families with young children to make healthy lifestyle choices.

EFNEP adult groups meet for a series of nine, 60-90 minute classes to learn about healthy eating and being active. In addition, three supplemental lessons target pregnant woman and new mothers.

Each lesson is accompanied by a food demonstration or food tasting, physical activity component, a worksheet, a handout, visuals and enhancements. 

  • Curriculum
    Lesson Overview of Lesson
    Lesson 1: Welcome to Eating Smart Being Active Participants know what they will be learning through the Eating Smart Being Active lesson series.
    Lesson 2: Get Moving! Families enjoy being physically active.
    Lesson 3: Plan, Shop, $ave Families plan and shop for meals and snacks that are healthy and within their budget.
    Lesson 4: Fruits and Veggies: Half Your Plate Families increase the amount and variety of fruits and vegetables they eat every day. Families make half their plates fruits and vegetables.
    Lesson 5: Make Half Your Grains Whole Families choose at least half of their grains as whole grains.
    Lesson 6: Go Lean with Protein Families choose lean protein foods. Families keep all food safe to eat.
    Lesson 7: Build Strong Bones Families get enough calcium from low-fat or non-fat dairy foods or other foods high in calcium.
    Lesson 8: Make a Change Families limit foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.
    Lesson 9: Celebrate! Eat Smart & Be Active Participants celebrate their new knowledge and skills to prepare healthy food and be more active.
    Supplemental Lesson: Eating Smart Being Active During Pregnancy Participants celebrate new knowledge and skills to make healthy food and activity choices
    Supplemental Lesson: Feeding Your New Baby Parents make informed decisions about feeding their new baby
    Supplemental Lesson: Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods Parents successfully introduce solid foods to their babies.
  • Eligibility

    Adult participants must satisfy at least one of the following:

    • Receive or be eligible to receive federal food assistance
    • Have a monthly household cash income that is at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level
    • Be a pregnant teen or foster youth in transition, regardless of income or age