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Buy Better


  • Know Your Food Budget

    Do you know how much money you should expect to spend on food for a family like yours? Find out with an easy-to-use calculator offered by Iowa State University Extension Service.

  • Tips to Stretch your Food Dollars

    Try some of these “Eating Better on a Budget” tips, so you and your family save money on food. 


  • Tips for Shopping at the Grocery Store

    Be a smart shopper by trying some of these ideas at the grocery store. 

  • MyPlate Tips for Every Aisle

    Click here for shopping tips on each food group.

  • Nutrition Facts Label

    Get the facts… that is, the nutrition facts! Use the nutrition facts label to compare foods and select healthy choices. Click here to learn more about reading Nutrition Facts labels. 


  • Florida Fruits and Vegetables in Season

    Enjoy fruits and vegetables in season for more flavor and less money. Click here to learn what foods are in season.