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‌Eat Better

Nutrition Basics

Eat Safely

  • Eat Food Safely in 4 Easy Steps

    Do you know the 4 easy steps to reduce foodborne illness? Click here to learn more. 

  • Know Your Cooking Temperatures

    Use this chart and a food thermometer to cook meat, poultry, seafood and other foods at a safe temperature.

  • "Is My Food Safe?" App

    Download the free “Is My Food Safe?” App to answer all of your food safety questions. Visit to learn more.

  • Food Recalls

    Click here for the FDA’s most up-to-date list of food recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts. 

Cooking 101

  • Cooking Tools

    This guide [Coming Soon] provides an overview of many cooking tools and how to best use them. Available in English and Spanish. 

  • Cooking Terms

    A quick and easy guide [Coming Soon] of many cooking terms. Available in English and Spanish. 

  • Cooking Abbreviations and Measurements

    This guide incudes a variety of cooking abbreviations, conversations and much more.